Audiovox 60-HMLKV5TAN Homelink w/ Tan Bezel

Part #60-HMLKV5TAN
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Audiovox 60-HMLKV5TAN Homelink w/ Tan BezelThis new HomeLink® Wireless Control System by Johnson Controls is the latest generation in home automation. From the moment you pull up to your home, HomeLink® gives you full control. From opening security gates and garage doors, to illuminating exterior and interior lighting, activating appliances and disarming your home’s security system, HomeLink’s three programmable buttons can be set to perform any functions you choose.

A New Integrated Design for Your Existing Car or Truck HomeLink® has been a high-demand feature in new vehicles for years. In fact, it’s the one vehicle feature that vehicle buyers of every make and model ask for by name. Yet until now, an easy to install add-on version of HomeLink® wasn’t available for your existing vehicle. A completely fresh design, the new HomeLink® can be installed by your dealer, while you wait. And because HomeLink® is available in a wide range of colors and bezel styles to match most of today’s vehicles, you’ll enjoy a clean, built-in look. Approved for use in US, Canada and Mexico.

Key Benefits:

The trusted quality of HomeLink, in a new and improved design Three large buttons are easy to use with gloved hands and are backlit for elegant visibility at night The newest version of HomeLink, version 5, with more universal compatibility than version 4. Includes Quicktrain technology

Seamless factory look and operation

Easy to install, just visit your dealer

Connected to vehicle power, so it’s always ready to use No more clip on remote clutter, no more dead batteries!

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